5 Fashions to Try this Fall

As the temps get cooler and the nights get longer, it’s time to put away summer clothes and break out the fall fashion. Whether you prefer runway couture or street style, this fall’s trends can be tweaked and adapted to fit any wardrobe.

The 80s

From Saint Laurent to Versace, the fall runway shows were full of nods to the 1980s. Big shoulders, bold colors, black leather, and motorcycle jackets are just a few of the 80s looks that will be back in vogue. If that doesn’t sound appealing, neon and color-blocking should also be on trend.

Oversized Outerwear

When it comes to coats and jackets, bigger is better this fall. One of the most popular ways to try this fashion is by adding some layers, which will also . For example, a big coat over a jacket and cardigan. If this style appeals to you, try a classic puffy jacket or a long trench, or the trench over a vest.

Ultra Romantic

Think long, flowy dresses paired with soft, baggy sweaters. One of fall’s softer fashion trends is very girly and glam, with an emphasis on pale yellows, pinks, and purples. Florals too. If the oversized coat look isn’t to your liking, go for the romance and drama with a cape instead.


If “Stranger Things” is partly responsible for the 1980s fashion resurgence, we can blame “Westworld” for the emergence of Western and prairie chic. If you want to try this fashion statement, invest in some good quality cowboy boots. Fringe and cowboy hats will be trending too. Get the prairie woman look with high colors, lacy shirts, and long skirts. Patchwork patterns and shawls complete the look.


Many of autumn’s strongest trends feature an earthy, grounded look. If that’s not your thing, the polar opposite was also popular on the runway: futuristic clothing that features metallic and shiny material. This look is sleeker and tighter, with higher hems.

Animal Prints

Animal prints will be everywhere — shoes, accessories, bags, coats, and everything in between. If fall’s runway shows are any indication, leopard print will be particularly popular. Zebra, cheetah, and python are fun alternatives.

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